Be part of Brabham history in the making

LEGENDARY Australian Formula One champion Sir Jack Brabham is to be remembered and honoured in two very different ways within the next year, and you could play an important part in at least one of them. Both, if you’re lucky.

‘Brabham is one of those “Hall of Fame” brands that possesses a unique and rich tapestry of motor racing history.’

Later this month, Brabham Automotive has been invited to take part in Salon Privé, the UK’s most exclusive automotive Garden Party at Blenheim Palace. While that plays out, Australian film-makers are busily collating material to breath life into a landmark international documentary film on Sir Jack’s life, Brabham: The Untold Story Of Formula One.

The three-time world champion first built and raced his own car from 1948, winning his first world championship in 1959 then quickly becoming the world’s largest manufacturer of single-seat race cars. His brand and reputation continued to grow in popularity, due largely to his company’s famous attention to customer service.

The man himself is said to have regularly helped customers with their race-car setups. He was the first person to drive one of his own cars to win his third Formula One world championship in 1966, and remains the only man to have done so.

Seventy years later in Brabham Automotive, managing director David Brabham is driving the automotive company to new heights, kicking things off with the production of the high-performance track car, the Brabham BT62, which so successfully attracted the attention of the Salon Privé directors.

The event’s co-founder, David Bagley, says Brabham Automotive earned its place in the line-up of classic, super and hyper cars and motorbikes because it’s “one of those ‘Hall of Fame’ brands that possesses a unique and rich tapestry of motor racing history”.

The Brabham BT62 made its global debut at July’s Goodwood Festival of Speed. David Brabham described the invitation to display the car at one of the UK’s longest-running and most prestigious automotive events as “something very special”.

“The BT62 is a vehicle that will take the iconic Brabham racing name into the future by carrying the same excellence in design, craftsmanship and with a fearlessly determined mindset to succeed that helped the name become one of the most successful in racing history,” Brabham says. “This year we are celebrating 70 years since my father … built and raced his first car and I am honoured to be carrying the legacy through this next exciting chapter of the Brabham journey.”

Aurora Films producer Akos Armont says the production company hopes to capture that history and spirit in its feature film which is scheduled for preview at the 2019 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in March. While the Brabham film has no formal association with Brabham Automotive, it has the endorsement of the Brabham family.

The producers are still on the look-out for material to give further richness and depth to the offering. They have reached out to the international motorsport community and the general public asking for contributions of original, “never before seen” content, be it film or video footage, photos, memorabilia or documents relating to Sir Jack’s life and racing career in Australia and around the world.

Armont says all contributions will be recognised, and original content used in the making of the production will be credited in the film.

Anyone with personal stories of memories, encounters or anecdotes featuring Sir Jack or those close to him is asked to record a short (two- to three-minute) video with their story and upload it to

In the meantime, if the Salon Privé takes your fancy, it runs from August 30 to September 1, and this year will be held on the Blenheim Palace Cricket Pitch for the first time, which is apparently a particularly special milestone.

Madam Wheels suspects the best event, however, will be the Boodles Ladies’ Day on the Friday – it’s reportedly one of the go-to social highlights of the UK summer season.

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