Car-Buying Concierge

Buying a car should be a delightful and exciting experience for anyone. After all, for many it will be the second most-expensive purchase after their home.

But the reality of the process can be confronting, intimidating and downright unpleasant for women, which is bizarre given how frequently they’re behind the decision to buy, or not.

Madam Wheels is a first-of-its-kind customised service for women with the purchasing power and passion for luxury cars. We understand exactly what motivates women to buy cars, so work to put the power and fun of the buying process into women’s hands, for a change.

We help remove the sales hype and reduce the risk of buyer’s remorse by emboldening women with the information they need to buy the car they love, not the one they are sold.

The Madam Wheels digital media platform was developed by a woman, for women, to provide timely and relevant articles, videos and social media feeds around the latest high-end vehicles to market. We arm you with the information you need when you’re next in the market for a new set of wheels.

Our aim is to help women “step up” and call the shots in the luxury-car buying process and to make that experience as authentic, enjoyable and hiqh-quality as possible.

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