Jacquie Hayes Speaker Kit

In the hot seat

Buckle up and settle in for the ride as Jacquie Hayes brings an action-packed perspective to one of the most explosive marketing opportunities in today’s economy – women.

As one of Australia’s few speakers and panellists to spotlight the issue, her message is clear: businesses that fail to recognise women’s purchasing power do so at their peril. Those who go out of their way to help women “feel the love” as consumers will thrive.

The rise…and rise…of girl power

Women hold the purse strings in the majority of purchase decisions that really matter, including buying houses and cars. They either influence what their partners buy or, increasingly, are buying in their own right as their earning power grows — a pattern seen not just in Australia, but globally, too.

As the founder of Madam Wheels, a luxury-car advisory service for women, Jacquie has the privilege of getting into the hearts and minds of women with money to splurge. She knows what they want and she’s made it her mission to get them into the cars of their dreams at the best possible price and with the most attractive conditions attached.
It isn’t pretty. The majority are underwhelmed. They feel underserved and undervalued in the marketplace.

Who’s listening

As a speaker, Jacquie shares her insights on how to sell high-end products or solutions to high-net-worth women. Her message applies to a broad cross-section of audiences including professional services executives, corporates, stockbrokers, financial planners, real estate agents, car manufacturers and dealerships, businesswomen, retailers, those in startups or tech companies, and women in the market for luxury cars, to name a few.

Keynote 1: The Rise of the She Economy: Savvy Insights for Businesses Selling to Women

It’s official. Women have huge purchasing power and this is only set to grow as their earning capacity rises. On top of that, they are among the biggest influencers when it comes to big-ticket items (“If she doesn’t like it, he doesn’t buy it”).

Yet, companies and businesses across the board fail to capitalise on the golden opportunity presented by the world’s largest buying segment!

In this keynote, you will:

– Gauge how prepared (or not) you are to meet the needs of this fully mature, ready-to-go market

– Dive deeper into the multiplier effect (even if women aren’t making the actual purchase, they are the gateway to others’ decisions, such as their children, friends or other consumers through word of mouth)

– Uncover how you can refine women’s overall experience of your service or product

– Discover how small tweaks in your customer service, engineering, design or packaging can make the biggest difference (and no, making it pink is not the solution)

– Understand why hassle-free, jargon-free and frustration-free purchasing is the way to go.

Keynote 2: Why Women Buy

Women are estimated to be earning US$18 trillion globally, a rise of $5 trillion in the past 5 years alone. Combine this with Boston Consulting Group’s predictions that women will control almost 75 per cent of discretionary spending globally within the next decade.

More and more, women are turning traditional notions on their head by purchasing the majority of so-called “male” products, such as cars and consumer electronics. It’s a perfect storm for anyone providing goods or services to this market. But how many of us understand exactly why women buy?

In this keynote, you will:

– Gain clarity on why women have become the single most disruptive consumer group in the world

– Be surprised at what motivates women to spend and buy (spoiler alert: altruism is important)

– Learn how women entrepreneurs will change the future of buying with products and services designed for women by women

– Become more sophisticated in the way you speak to, engage with and sell to women

– Hear how smart women with spending power experience numerous points of friction along the buying journey (using Madam Wheels clients as a case in point).

Vroom, vroom … and she’s off

Jacquie is sassy, spirited and switched on. It comes as no surprise given her longstanding career as a successful journalist. A natural storyteller and people-person, she engages easily with a range of audiences.

Part entertainment and part motivational, Jacquie’s keynotes (and panel discussions) reflect her irrepressible energy and passion for the subjects closest to her heart – women and luxury cars.

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