Madam Wheels Academy

The ‘She’ Sales Journey - Your key to engaging more women buyers in 2022

There is a growing recognition of the uniqueness and differences between men and women. Yet many businesses – including car manufacturers – are either unaware of the latest changes and developments in this area or are cast in a traditional approach to sales. This means that even if their sales are growing, they are still denying the untapped opportunities in the female market.

Madam Wheels has spent years working with women who love and covet all-things luxury, and the lifestyle around it. The company was built specifically to give women car buyers exceptional experiences in and around high-end cars.

But then Covid 19 happened, and we could get women neither into the cars nor the showrooms. This was bad. But some good has come out of it.

Over Melbourne’s many locked-down months, we have devised an even more powerful way to improve women’s car-buying experiences, and that’s by training car salespeople to understand the difference between selling women a car and creating an environment that causes women to buy from them.

This is important, because if dealerships don’t recognise the uniqueness of the female market, they are leaving potential sales on the table.

The ‘She’ Sales Journey draws on the latest research around customer-purchasing habits and is designed to guide sales teams to successfully tap the influential and increasingly wealthy female market.

The program delivers crucial insights into what women want, how to engage and connect with them authentically, as well as advice on providing an experience and service that makes them customers for life.

If you’re interested in seeing your sales numbers move significantly ahead of your competitors’, there’s a straightforward way to do it. Get in touch with us by clicking the button below to learn more.