New Evoque Shows It’s No ‘Deer In The Headlight’

Land Rover understands modern humans well if a new marketing campaign around its latest baby Range Rover is any guide.

The clever British brand has captured strong themes of art and design and paired them with our natural curiosity to showcase the all-terrain capabilities and smart tech in the 2019 Evoque. Our infatuation with capturing every moment on our mobile phones features strongly, too, in steely-clean footage shot in London’s financial district presenting the Evoque as the ultimate city SUV.

Range Rover

A familiar road sign is used as a frame for the vehicle in the video as it negotiates a series of unlikely urban obstacles to demonstrate the Evoque’s “optimum ride and handling” capabilities coupled with its smooth drive.

The River Thames is a backdrop as the compact SUV mounts a 40-degree ramp (representing a “steep hill”, as these tests go) to demonstrate how its short overhang, 25-degree approach angle and use of Land Rover’s Hill Descent Control system enable it to go where it needs to go and do what it needs to

‘New rear-view mirror technology allows the driver to see past objects blocking the view of the road behind.’

A clever take on the proverbial deer in the headlight is used to close the action by showcasing new rear-view mirror technology which allows the driver to see past objects blocking the view of the road behind with the flick of a switch.

Land Rover’s Evoque has been a top seller for the marque in Australia since it launched here in 2011. This second-generation version is scheduled to arrive here mid-way through this year.

It won’t be electric, though Land Rover says the new architecture in the car will accommodate a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle power train, which is due to be added to the range later this year.