We test drive the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and give it two thumbs up

When you’re into road trips and your daily drive is a twin-turbo V8 Audi RS6, the notion of getting behind the wheel of something silent and electric hasn’t held much appeal, especially given the range issue in a country as big as Australia. But when that car is a Porsche – a brand known for its driver-focused sports cars – and it’s the range-topping, lightening-fast Taycan Turbo S, one can be persuaded to get on board.

Australian customer deliveries of the revolutionary Taycan finally started rolling out through March after COVID-induced production delays set back its much-anticipated arrival.

 In the meantime, the vehicle was busy smashing world records and racking up a slew of international awards which recognized both its luxury and performance features.

Most recently, it took out the Guinness World Records title for achieving the fastest speed a vehicle has ever reached while being driven inside a building – at 102 mph, which is quite the margin on the 86 mph record which had stood for the previous seven years.

One of the best ways to check all this out would have been to test the Taycan on a demanding track. Instead, on a wet autumn day, we joined the kind folk of Porsche Centre Brighton to trial the road-legal four-door Turbo S on a range of long, winding, and sometimes rough country roads around Melbourne, Victoria, at the bottom end of Australia.

There was excellent feedback from the brakes, too, which is great news when one understands that the two tonne Taycan is capable of generating up to 560 kW / 761 PS (horsepower) of over-boost power in combination with Launch Control.

There are plenty of color variations available for the Taycan and all of them look great, particularly the Mamba Green and Frozen Blue – the lighter the tone the better to showcase the Taycan’s fine lines. It really is a very good-looking car.

Overall, the Taycan Turbo S is a compelling offer, delivering a truly driver-focused car without compromising on everyday usability. It’s modern, provides digital luxury, and comfort for four passenger.

Apart from all that, the Taycan is the first production vehicle to arrive in Australia with a system voltage of 800 watts – a mighty handy feature considering the distances we like to travel in this wide and open country.