Women Take Pole Position at Australian Grand Prix

WOMEN will be invited trackside on the opening day of this year’s Australian Grand Prix as part of a new business-focused event designed to showcase how thrilling and addictive this pinnacle sporting event can be.

Madam Wheels, an Australian-based resource for women who love luxury cars, has partnered with the Australian Grand Prix Corporation (AGPC) for the “Women Driving Leadership” event designed to entice more corporate and entrepreneurial women into the exciting world of motor sports. Formula One is attracting increasing numbers of women into senior leadership roles and they have been instrumental in lifting the popularity of the sport. The Women Driving Leadership event seeks to celebrate those successes, with the AGPC bringing in some of the heaviest hitters from its global Formula One team.

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They will form part of a strong lineup of women participating in a panel discussion on the business of fast cars which Hayes will moderate. “I’m humbled to have been invited to be part of this AGPC event which is all about promoting women in their efforts to make an impact in whatever field they’re working,” Hayes says.

Located at the Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit, Women Driving Leadership will include a breakfast and part- or full-day program options, featuring the following keynote speakers:

Ellie Norman – Global Director of Marketing and Communications, Formula 1
Chloe Targett-Adams – Global Director of Promotors and Business Relations,
Formula 1
Jessica Dane – Commercial Operations Officer and Team Co-Owner, Triple Eight Racing Engineering
Kate Peck – Network 10 reporter and media personality
* Jacquie Hayes – Founder and Director, Madam Wheels

“Many women have strong misconceptions around Formula One, believing it couldn’t be enjoyable because it’s only about loud cars,” Hayes says. “It can be quite the opposite, actually, and we want them to experience that.”
The AGPC’s general manager of commercial, sales and marketing, Corina Black, says the corporation has been focused on engaging a broader audience to the sport, particularly females. “Events like Women Driving Leadership provide a unique way for women and men to engage with the sport and the opportunity to network with driven, business masterminds all in a premium and intimate setting,” Black says.

‘This event will introduce women to a memorable, fun and insightful experience which, we hope, they and their business colleagues will want to return to year after year.’

It also provides a platform from which to encourage and inspire females into motor sports careers via their studies of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Representatives of insirnon-profit association Dare to Be Different will be on hand to promote its goal of increasing female participation in motor sport.Hayes says that just as women may feel intimidated when they’re on the car-showroom floor trying to buy themselves a car, the Grand Prix may seem too overwhelming to face for some.”This event will introduce those women to a memorable, fun and insightful experience which, we hope, they and their business colleagues will want to return to year after year,” she says.

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